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Hiring Clients

Search & Screening

p2Finding a needle in a haystack.

Our team of expert recruiters works with you to understand your requirements, your company’s culture and the skills and talent needed to succeed in your business. Once we get the picture of what you’re looking, we get to work. Fast.

We research our extensive database of automotive professionals and network with industry experts to uncover the most suitable candidate for the role. We research and cold call to find both active and passive candidates. On average, we interview and screen over 200 individuals a month.

Background Checks

p3We know that hiring new people comes with its own risks. Our goal is to minimize your risk by performing extensive screening of every candidate that walks through your door. We conduct a variety of background checks to help reduce employee turnover and avoid financial losses. By investigating potential employees thoroughly, we help you reduce your risk and limit liability. We offer the following services:

p6Criminal Background Checks

auto careers group inc. has the ability to refer the CPIC database, through a Canadian Police Force, to verify whether there have been any criminal convictions of a potential employee. The CPIC database is managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) and is used by all law enforcement agencies in Canada to verify criminal records.

p7Credit Bureau History Check

Many staff will be responsible for handling the financial details and banking of your company. How they manage their own finances can be a strong indication as to their organizational ability, not to mention their financial responsibility to maintain your proper accounting. auto careers group inc. will verify that the candidate is in good standing with their lenders and report any potential problems as indicated on the credit bureau.

p5Education Verification

Certain positions require specific credentials. Many applicants falsify their education level in order to secure employment. auto careers group inc. contacts educational institutions and workplace course providers, to verify degrees, diplomas and certificates. We ensure that the potential employee has the training and certification to enable them to do the job.

The Background on Background Checks


Applicant Quality

Background checks permit employers to obtain fewer applications containing serious discrepancies. Background checks also attract applications from individuals wanting a safe work environment.

Reduction of Workplace Violence

Background checks allow employers to identify people prone to violence against potential colleagues.

Prevention of Employee Dishonesty

Conducting background checks allows employers to eliminate the likelihood of theft and embezzlement. In addition, background checks serve to deter applicants who lie on a resume or job application.

Increased Profitability

Background checks boost productivity from employees possessing better work habits and attitudes. Background checks can lower costs associated with absenteeism, employee development and training.

Reduction of Turnover Rates

Background checks give employers the opportunity to employ the correct individual the first time. According, a background check provides employers increased objective information in order to hire a competent workforce.



auto careers group provides the most extensive outplacement services to companies and individuals who face downsizing, lay-offs and business closures. We understand the challenges companies face when they have to consider reducing the staff count. This can be a difficult and emotional time for both the employer and the employee.

auto careers group assist individuals by guiding them through their career transition and helping them prepare for a bright new future. By providing the much-needed support, training and coaching to individuals who are facing a transition in their career we can help rebuild confidence and provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to re-enter the employment market quickly.

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Our services for the de-hiring company:

  • Confidential review of staff re-structuring
  • Career transition support to employees
  • Exit interviews
  • Reports and status reports on de-hired employees
  • Cost effective de-hiring services