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  • It gives me great pleasure to tell others about my experience with Jordan Rees at Auto Careers Group! Since he has assisted me, my career has grown rapidly in ways that I would not have thought possible. I am now working at a performance & luxury oriented automotive brand, and cannot be more proud of my place of employment. In addition, I am making close to double the salary I was making previously, while being excited about the cars that I get to share with my clients. The dealership has also made tremendous strides in the time I have been here: we have since had record months for vehicles sold, vehicles delivered, and I have met my personal goal of being a part of the team to make this happen! All in all I cannot be any more positive regarding my experience with Jordan and Auto Careers Group. Thank you again! Antoine W, Porsche London

  • I first worked with Farid and Auto Careers Group when we were starting our company, and they did an amazing job recruiting our staff. They understood our needs, was always positive and helpful and best of all, delivered on his commitments. I recently had need of Farid and Auto Careers Group services and their level of enthusiasm and creativity are undiminished. I would not hesitate to use his & auto careers group's services again. Abraham Blinick, Operations Manager at

  • Working with Jayne was a delight. I was provided detailed profiles for each prospective hire as well as helpful verbal context for each candidate based on Jayne's own contact with each individual. Council on best use of time for first candidate meetings saved hours on the week, and Jayne's availability to accept feedback and discuss viability made each interaction valuable. Celebrating in the on-boarding decision of our hiring decisions was genuine and validating. A consummate professional while remaining highly relational, Jayne created a productive and rewarding recruitment experience. I would squarely recommend her services and that of Auto Careers Group to any busy dealership seeking highly qualified candidates. Jason Nevin, Variable Operations Manager, Georgetown Volkswagen

  • I has been a pleasure working with Farid and Auto Careers Group, both as a business consultant and also with the auto careers group inc. They approaches business with passion, integrity and always a smile, striving for “win-win" situations with whatever innovative solutions are required. Farid and Auto Careers Group are reliable and trustworthy. I look forward to working with Farid and Auto Careers Group in the future, and value the relationship we have developed. Brent Bere, Chief Financial Officer at Budds’ Group of Companies

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