Auto Careers Group Inc

Why Us?

Confidentiality. We hold all information in the strictest of confidence, happily employed candidate (Passive) need this layer of confidence that they are able to explore the Great opportunities without risking their current employment.

We think outside the box. Our extensive network of influential contacts across North America gives us access to industry experts for news and connections. We stay on top of the industry trends in order to attract the best talent.

We cast a wider net. Our search process goes much deeper than job boards and career sites. We use a proven multi-pronged approach that includes database research, networking, cold calling for active and passive candidates, and getting referrals from our network of successful placements.

Our business is built on relationships and trust. Since inception, we have built a solid reputation for our high-quality and professional service. We take our work seriously and treat every assignment with diligence and passion. Honesty and integrity are at the root of everything we do.

Proven track record. We have successfully maintained a turnover rate of 9% and under, which means that 91% of our candidates turn into successful long-lasting placements. To help us achieve this, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their culture and what they are looking for in a candidate. After the placement is made, we stay in close contact to ensure a successful transition.

National presence. Every local market has its unique trends and nuances. As the largest provider of recruitment services in Canada, we have access to candidates across the country. We operate coast to coast and work seamlessly with all time zones.

Leading pre-employment screening service. Our sister company, Right Fit Plus, offers our clients a total solution when it comes to complying with the current Canadian legislation on recruitment.

Time. We will save your people time. Hiring Managers will spend an average of 21 hours for every new hire. They should be focussed on their people, their targets and servicing your clients. At the end of our process you will be sent 3 to 5 fully vetted, professional candidates from our extensive network and exhaustive research. 85% of the time the successful candidate is selected from this first group.

Money. On average, the candidates we place will generate enough income to cover our fee within three weeks.

Expertise. We come from retail so we know what you are dealing with. Your Hiring Managers will end up inundated with dozens of over stated resumes and interviewing professional job hoppers. In the end the often hire the best of the bunch out of frustration. This is the single biggest reason the automotive business sees the turnover that it does. The focus of our process is extreme vetting, in depth referencing and science based psychometric testing.

Higher Retention. Our team will meet with your team at the inception of the search to determine the best possible fit. This goes much deeper than just a resume. We will provide top automotive professionals, most of whom are career stable and already gainfully employed.