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About Us

ACG Giving You Back Time

Auto Careers Group connects employers with individuals that are right for the job and right for their company.  With access to the widest talent pool in the country, we help our clients reduce recruitment risk, reduce staff turnover and increase your bottom line.

At ACG we understand the intricacies of what it takes to succeed in this industry. Our highly technical screening process identifies the most qualified individuals to match your requirements, helping ACG deliver an incredible 91% retention rate for placed candidates.

Reducing recruitment risk and staff turnover means ACG gives you back time.  We know that hiring managers spend, on average, 21 hours per position.  ACG reduces this to under 6 hours.

Increase Retention & Profitability with ACG

ACG Customer Charter

100% Confidential, 100% of the Time. We hold all information in the strictest of confidence and don’t share it with any potential employers without your expressed permission.

ACG Will Think Outside the Box. Our extensive network of influential contacts across North America gives us access to insider knowledge and opportunities not afforded to other recruitment companies.  We stay on top of the industry trends in order to attract the best talent for our clients.

ACG Will Cast the Widest Net. Our search process goes much deeper than job boards and career sites. We use a proven multi-pronged approach that includes database research, networking, cold calling for active and passive candidates, and getting referrals from our network of successful placements.

ACG’s Business is Built on Relationships and Trust. Since inception, we have built a solid reputation for our high-quality and professional service. We take our work seriously and treat every assignment with diligence and passion. Honesty and integrity are at the root of everything we do.

ACG Stays On Top of the Market. Every local market has its unique trends and nuances. As the largest provider of Automotive recruitment services in Canada, we have access to candidates across the country. We operate coast to coast and work seamlessly with all time zones.

ACG Will Give Our Clients Back Time.  Hiring Managers should be focused on their people, their targets and servicing your clients.  85% of the time a successful candidate is selected from the first group of fully vetted candidates put forward by ACG.

ACG Will Be Affordable and Present excellent ROI. On average, the candidates we place will generate enough income to cover our fee within three weeks.

ACG Will Increase Retention Rates. Our team will meet with your team at the inception of the search to determine the best possible fit. This goes much deeper than just a resume. We will provide top automotive professionals, most of whom are career stable and already gainfully employed.