We are the largest provider of recruitment, staffing and consulting solutions for the automotive industry in Canada.



bus_analystauto careers group provides the most extensive outplacement services to companies and individuals who face downsizing, lay-offs and business closures. We understand the challenges companies face when they have to consider reducing the staff count. This can be a difficult and emotional time for both the employer and the employee.

auto careers group assist individuals by guiding them through their career transition and helping them prepare for a bright new future. We believe that by us supporting, training and coaching individuals who are facing a transition in their career we can help people rebuild their confidence and provide them with the tools and knowledge to re-enter the employment market quickly.

Our services for job seekers include;

  • Reviewing and assessing an individual’s career history and developing a powerful cover letter and resume that will ensure greater success in their job search.
  • Career and personality assessments to identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Extensive research and information on the active and hidden job market.
  • Office facilities in which to conduct job searches.
  • Marketing services provided by the largest automotive recruitment agency in Canada.
  • Career counseling and career guidance consulting.
  • Income evaluation and negotiating strategies.
  • Interview training.

Our services for the de-hiring company;

  • Confidential review of staff re-structuring.
  • Career transition support to employees.
  • Exit interviews.
  • Reports and status reports on de-hired employees.
  • Cost effective de-hiring services.

To find out more how auto careers group can ensure a smooth and positive transition for both parties contact us.