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Auto News Recap - July 21st, 2017
The Trans-Canada Highway is getting 'charged up' for Electric Vehicles.
Auto News Recap - July 20th, 2017
Is the "Air Bnb" of parking the latest in disruptive technology?
Auto News Recap – July 17th, 2017
Will new 2018 sedans be able to save the shrinking segment?
Auto News Recap – July 13th, 2017
Will rising interest rates hurt the Canadian auto industry?
Auto News Recap – July 12th, 2017
Audi’s new self-driving vehicle is coming!
Auto News Recap – July 11th, 2017
Which province is leading Canada in new car sales growth?
Auto News Recap – July 10th, 2017
Here’s why the electric car industry may be in trouble:
Auto News Recap - July 6th, 2017
Canadian car sales hit a new time high in June. Find out just how high in today's Auto News Recap!
Auto News Recap – July 5th, 2017
Canada’s next step into the Electric Car Segment is here?
Auto News Recap – June 29th, 2017
Canadian auto parts manufacturers make the top 100!
Auto News Recap – June 28th, 2017
Is your phone about to become your personal Car Doctor?
Auto News Recap – June 26th, 2017
J.D. Power quality awards results
Auto News Recap – June 22nd, 2017
The Canadian economy is more dependent on the automotive sector than it realizes.
Auto News Recap – June 20th, 2017
Is Mercedes’ new A-Class the key to reaching Millennial buyers?
Auto News Recap – June 14th, 2017
The end of car dealerships as we know it?
Auto News Recap – June 9th, 2017
Is getting into your vehicle Bell’s next big move?
Auto News Recap – June 7th, 2017
Where is Canada in the growing electric vehicle market?
Auto News Recap – June 5th, 2017
Is bamboo the new carbon fibre?
Top 5 Sports Cars Under $35,000

Auto News Recap – May 31st, 2017
How will consumers react to Tesla Model 3's new feature?
Auto News Recap - May 30th, 2017
Will Facebook become used-car dealers biggest competitor?
Auto News Recap - May 29th, 2017
How will possible NAFTA changes impact auto parts suppliers?
Auto News Recap - May 26th, 2017
How long will it take for electric cars to become cheaper than their gasoline counterparts?
10 Totally Terrific Car Facts!

Auto News Recap - May 24th, 2017
Honda hits 2 million Civic sales in Canada
Auto News Recap - May 23rd, 2017
Do proposed revisions to Ontarios labour laws mean trouble for dealership owners?